Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trip Report Day 6

Hey there everyone! I know, I know, it's been forever since my last post and I do apologize. But I am here now and so that means on with the trip report. So today, surprise surprise, we were back at Epcot. Can you tell what our favorite park is? We started out running over to soarin' to see what the waits were. We got on in the standby line with only a 20 minute wait. Not bad. After that we went over to Club Cool to check out everything in there. From there we headed over to Mission Space. It was only my girlfriend Jenea, my brother josh, and myself because neither of my parents thought they could handle the orange team. Let me tell you, that was the first time I had gotten to ride this attraction and I have never been on anything like it. It was a great attraction that kept us on the edge of our seats until the end. Next, we ran over to catch Test Track again, we just couldn't get enough of this attraction. It's definitely one of me and Josh's favorite attractions to ride together.

From there we met back up with my parents in Mouse Gears and headed back over to the World Showcase to catch some of the countries that we had missed or wanted to go see more of. Started in Norway, then to Germany, then over to Japan, shopping and taking pictures all the way. Though it was very hot outside, World Showcase was pretty calm and relaxing today. After Japan, my parents and brother decided that they were going to head back to the resort for a little break. That was fine with Jenea and I because we had a 3:00 ADR at the San Angel Inn.

We walked through the U.K. pavilion and wondered our way towards Mexico. When we got there, we had some time left so naturally I suggested riding the Grand Fiesta Tour again. So after we got off the attraction we shopped around the pavilion and then went over to check in for our ADR. We were sat and had our drinks before our 3:00 ADR time had rolled around. Jenea and I like to go out for mexican food when we are back home, so we were naturally drawn to the mexican restaurant in Epcot. And of course, the food did not disappoint. I had one the best margaritas on the planet while there which is good because it was nine friggin' dollars. lol. We both started out with the chicken tortilla soup, which was very good. As for the entree, we both got the Plato Mexicano which is a grilled beef taco, chicken enchilada, and cheese quesadilla with black refried beans, guacamole and Mexican rice. It was very tasty and very filling. I would definitely recommend the San Angel Inn for anyone who is craving good Mexican food while in WDW. After our early dinner we headed back to the resort to meet back up with the fam and head over for a night in the Magic Kingdom.

When we got there, we met up with my Aunt Lynn and her gang. We wanted to get a spot in the hub for Spectro Magic and Wishes so that's exactly what we did. When we found our spot Jenea and I decided that we wanted to run over and get on the Haunted Mansion one more time. We got back just in time to save our seats for Spectro Magic which was once again, an awesome parade. Then all we had to do was turn around and watch Wishes. This is a great fireworks show and just fills you with that sense of Disney, those of you who "get it" understand what I'm saying right?  From there we walked over and rode Space Mountain again, not that this is our favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom or anything. It was myself, Jenea, Josh, and my cousins Alisha, Sarah, and Meredith plus one friend Kate. We had a blast, as usual on Space Mountain. This ended another great day in the world. It's hard to believe that it's been two months since I was there. Well, guess that means it's time to start saving for another trip. Hopefully the next day won't be so far delayed as this one was. TTFN. Peace.