Friday, June 27, 2008

Trip Report Day 3

So today Jenea and I went to Blizzard Beach for morning extra magic hours. The best part about it is that we went with rain out tickets that we got in 2001. You have to love those no expiration tickets. We spent all morning at the water park and then came back to the resort, changed clothes, and went off to the Studios.

The first thing we did was to get fast passes for Rockin Roller Coaster. After that we just walked around Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard going in and out of the shops before we got our spot for Block Party Bash. I must say that this was a very cool parade. After the parade was over, we went over the ride Rockin Roller Coaster. Let me tell you, we have a coaster with a similar launch here in St. Louis, but it is nothing compared to the launch and the ride on Rockin Roller Coaster. After that we went towards Toy Story Mania to see what the fast pass times were for it even though I knew they would be crazy. They didn't have any more fast passes and there was no time on the stand by line because it was too long I think. From here we went looking for some place to eat and ended up at the Sci Fi Dine in Theater. It's the first time any of us had been there and it was pretty neat. We were all craving a burger so that what we got and I was very surprised at how good they were. 

After our early dinner we went right over and saw Muppet Vision 3D. You got to love this attraction, I mean it's the freaking Muppets! After that we went over to the Backlot tour since we knew we wouldn't have to wait and Jenea had never done it before. After that we went back up to the Great Movie ride and met up with my Aunt Lynn and her gang. We rode the Great Movie Ride and of course had a good time since when you get that many of us together it's always a fun time. Then we made our way towards the Fantasmic theater to get our seats early, since we had 11 people and we all wanted to sit together. Fantasmic was awesome, as usual, except when it's over and all those people are crowding to get out. So Jenea and I parted ways with the group so we could go take some night pictures around the Studios before we headed back. We decided as we walked down Hollywood Boulevard that we would stop by Toy Story Mania and see what the wait was. 20 minutes! That's right, and it was right before the park was to close, there were 5 people behind us and they closed the doors. I got some great shots of the interior of the queue. The ride was amazing, great fun, and awesome effects. This was a great day. Stay tuned. Peace.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Trip Report Day 2

Today was a bit of a late start because of our late night the night before. Today was time for Epcot. We had a 12:20 lunch ADR at the Coral Reef for my younger brother's high school graduation. We wanted to ride the monorail over so we took the boat over to the Contemporary and caught the monorail over to the TTC and switched monorails to get to Epcot. 
When we got to there, we went over and grabbed some fast passes for Soarin'. We decided to go and check in about a half hour early for our ADR just in case. We were seated within ten minutes of checking in. I must say, the setting of the Coral Reef is reason enough to go there for a meal. It a bit of a costly meal, but everyone was satisfied and we just had a great time at lunch.  

So after lunch we figured since we were already there we should go ahead and do the Seas with Nemo and Friends and Turtle Talk with Crush. Our first time on either one since that pavilion was all refurbed. Both top notch attractions that I would recommend to anyone. Next we headed over to Soarin' to use our fast passes. This has to be one of my favorite attractions in future world. While in the Land pavilion, we hit up Living with the Land which is just one of those attractions that we always ride every time we are there. Then went across innoventions over to Test Track. This is another favorite for my brother Josh and I. Then we went back to the resort for an afternoon break.

We drove our car over to the Boardwalk resort for an evening taking in the sights around there. We ate at the Spoodles pizza pick up window on the Boardwalk and I would have to say that is the best pizza I've had in the park I think. From there we went over to Epcot to meet my aunt and her gang for Illuminations. This is my favorite of all the night time shows and I got my girlfriend Jenea hooked on it after she saw it this time. What a great show and a great day. Remember, we kind of took it a little slow because of the blistering heat and lack of rain or clouds. But I still think we did alright. Day 3 is coming up soon. Peace.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time for a Trip Report (Day 1)

Hey there everyone!  I'm back! I have to say that my entire family and myself had a great time. I will preface this trip report with the fact that it was unusually hot this trip. We have gone down at this time of year many times before and I think that the big difference was that we didn't have hardly any rain the whole time we were down there. Which means that there were no clouds, at all, ever. That means we had all sun all the time. This limited our stamina in the parks greatly but we still did a good amount and had a great time. So, on with the show! First, I'm going to say that monday was day zero since we weren't in the park and it was just a long boring day of driving. Now for Day 1 at disney world. We got in around 2:30pm and got checked in and unpacked at our cabin at Fort Wilderness. It wasn't long after that before we were in that boat on the way to the Magic Kingdom. We took our time getting down main street to take everything in. First thing's first, DOLE WHIP!  We were on our way to pirates, but then we saw aloha isle and decided that if we were any kind of disney world fans, we had to stop for a dole whip. 

After our dole whips, we met up with my aunt lynn and uncle mike with their 3 daughters plus one friend in front of pirates. I knew this was going down for refurbishment on friday so I insisted that we ride it right away. The new additions from the pirates films were great as I had heard they were. Next we all (all 11 of us) went over to Big Thunder Mountain. After that we walked through Frontierland and into Liberty Square to take in the Haunted Mansion and I must say that the additions in that attraction was awesome. After that we said good bye to my aunt and uncle and their gang since they had been there since opening and were out of steam and went over to Philharmagic. I would have to call this one of the best 3D/4D attractions that disney has. From there we stayed in fantasyland hitting some of our favorites, Peter Pan's Flight and It's A Small World. 

Next we decided to give Columbia Harbor House a try for dinner. I'm not too big on the standard counter service selections but I had the fish here and it was quiet good. Not the best I've had, but not bad at all. After dinner we headed over to Tomorrowland to get in some of our favorites there before Spectromagic. We hit Stitch's Great Escape (yeah, yeah, i know, so sue me for enjoying it, lol) and space mountain (one of our favorites). After this we decided we needing to get a seat for Spectromagic. It was raining a bit so we went into some of the shop along main street to kill some time and get down to the other end of main street in a dry way. We staked out a spot right across from the fire house right where the parade starts that way we could get out before a lot of other people. 

My parents and little brother went back to the resort after the parade and Jenea and I stuck around to ride some more attractions. We got on the tea cups because there was no wait right as Wishes was starting. So after we got off that we walked through fantasyland as the fireworks were going off around us which was pretty cool. From there we went back to ride Big Thunder Mountain again in the dark which is a totally different experience and I think I like it better at night. From there we decided to go hit the Jungle Cruise since I heard that was even better at night. And whoever I heard it from was right, it was a much different ride but I found myself enjoying it more in the dark. On our way out we went across the hub and through tomorrowland so we could get on Space Mountain one more time before we headed back. Then we went out to the boat dock, caught our boat over to Fort Wilderness, got back to the cabin and went to bed. How's that? I thought it a great first day in disney and there is more trip report coming here in the near future. Peace