Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trip Report Day 7

Alright people, I know, I'm a slacker. I'm about to start a new job and things have been crazy. I promise that I will do better at getting posts out since after this one I will be getting back to some of my regular posts. So, last day in the parks (insert small tear here). We started out at the Studios for opening so we could run back to Toy Story Mania. Only a half an hour wait so we weren't complaining at all. After that we went over to Starring Rolls Bakery for a little bite to eat and I would have to say that this was probably the worst of our food experiences this trip. It's not that it wasn't good it just reminded me of the baked foods they used to give me in high school. Anyway, after this we went and did the Magic of Disney Animation at the end of which we got our picture taken with Mickey. After that we went through One Man's Dream. This is definitely a favorite of mine now since I am a big fan of Disney history and Walt himself. We then met up with my Aunt and her gang for Lights Motors Action which was a neat show as always. Then we did Stars tours while half of our group cooled of in the Writers Stop. We then got out of the Studios for a little break back at the resort.
Can you guess where we would spend our last night? That's right, Epcot. We started over at Canada just taking it all in as we walked around the pavilions. I stopped in the U.K. to grab some fish and chips from the Yorkshire County Fish and Chips counter service and walked on over to see my favorite stage performers, the British Invasion. And they were playing songs from my favorite album, Sgt. Pepper. From there we kept on around the World Showcase, shopping and exploring through France, Morocco, and Italy. We were walking back towards the international gateway when Illuminations started so we watched that again. That's right, I saw it three times in a week and it's still my favorite. lol. We then headed over to Beaches and Cream for some ice cream to cap off our day and our wonderful WDW vacation.