Saturday, February 22, 2014

POTD - Velveteen Cactus Blooms

Funny story, dead of winter in St. Louis, at least eight inches of snow outside the windows, and we get cactus flowers! The crazier part about it is that the cacti don't get watered but maybe twice from when they come in around the end of October, to when they go back outside in March or April. This is one of our Gymnocalycium cacti, it's about the size of half of an orange so it was quite a sight to see three purple blooms popping out of this thing. What was odd about these flowers, and like many cactus flowers, is that they were very velvety (I don't care if that's a word or not, you know what I mean. lol). Just the same, they were our first purple flowers from one of our cacti. Who knew that the easiest plants to take care of, the ones that bloom the least amounts and for the shortest times, would have the most brilliant flowers. Please let me know what you all think as any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy!

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