Wednesday, March 12, 2014

POTD - Reflecting Inside The Cave

"By and by somebody shouted, Who's ready for the cave?"
-Mark Twain

As promised to some folks that I was talking with on Twitter, here is a non Disney photo. We went to Mark Twain Cave a couple of weekends ago just for something to do. Hannibal Missouri is only about a two hour drive from St. Louis, so away we went. I found out a lot about this cave and how it was the popular hang out spot for the town and the children of the town. Among those children and well into his adult life, Mark Twain was enchanted by the cave. So much so, the cave depicted in the book Tom Sawyer is based from this cave.

My favorite shot from the whole tour has got to be this one. There was a little fence blocking anyone from actually getting into the water. This was great for me because I could steady there to take an HDR bracket. It's fun to find where the cave stops and the water and reflection begin. :) Please let me know what you all think as any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy!

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