Tuesday, March 4, 2014

POTD - Train Station Symmetry

Today's shot is from our last day in the parks on our last trip. After having breakfast with the Photomagic group, then walking around some of the resorts with our friend Ben, wdwben, we split off and headed into the Magic Kingdom one last time. This was more to get a couple of souvenirs for our niece and nephews, and for me to get some photos. I had to wait here in this spot for a couple of minutes before is was clear of guests so I could get this one. My only gripe with this is that I needed another chair! LoL. If that's the one thing I don't like here, I'm doing ok. Of course, we could've had blue sky that day, but that would be getting picky, :) Please let me know what you all think as any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy!

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